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To obtain your key, subscribe to one of our monthly plans.
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All our subscriptions are non-binding and can be cancelled at any time from your Paypal interface or from your admin console that will be available to you here.

Subscribers have access to their current quota, to the detailed history of their API calls, their payments and invoices.
What does "days per month" mean?

For instance "50,000 days/mo" means you can analyse up to a total of 50 000 days in a month (any country, any number of requests).

When you send a request like "..command=analyse&start_date=2019-01-01&end_date=2019-12-31" , it will take off 365 days of your monthly quota because they are 365 days in the year 2019.

When you send a request like "country_code=FR&command=add_working_days&start_date=2020-01-01&increment=100", it will take off 147 days of your monthly quota because the resulting period is 147 days long.
Update 13 feb 2022

The working days API is now also open for subscription through the RapidAPI platform with these benefits for you:
  • Third party uptime and latency monitoring
  • Popularity of the API according to users
  • Direct payment by card / Invoices from RapidAPI / Pricing in USD
  • All plans have unlimited quotas
  • Ease of integration and testing, code examples in all languages