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Terms of use & Data Quality Insurance

By subscribing to a plan, you accept the following terms of use.
Working days API usage With a valid key, the API can be used for any purposes from any IP address but may not be sublicensed for use by a third party.

Plan cancelation All plans can be cancelled at any time from your console on api.workingdays.org or from your Paypal interface (pre-approved payments). When a plan is canceled (by one or the other way), the corresponding key is immediately disabled.
Later on, you can subscribe again to a plan with the same Paypal account. In that case, a new key will then be allocated to you.

Plan upgrade At any time, you can change plan (upgrade or downgrade) from your console. When you do so, the current plan is cancelled and a new plan is susbcribed, but the key remains unchanged. When you change plan, immediatly, the current billing plan stops and the new billing plan starts.

History logs Your API calls will be recorded for a duration of 3 months and will be available to you during that period from your console.

Public holiday definition The API provider is responsible for the public holiday definitions and preset configurations.

Public holidays changes In some circumstances, a country's government may decide to change some of its public holidays (remove, add or change date). "JoursOuvrés" will take into account this change as soon as possible and will not necessarily inform the API clients of this change.

China / Hong Kong / Singapore In those countries, the official dates of the public holidays for a year is not usually issued by the government until mid december of the previous year. When this list is issued, "JoursOuvrés" will take it into account as soon as possible. Please understand that when you query the API for future years, the public holidays are just indicative and may certainly be wrong. Covering of those countries starts from the year 2019.

Data quality insurance In the event you encounter a date with a public holiday officially missing in any supported regional configuration or that should officially have been removed, you will be eligible to receive a full refund of the month subscription.

Payments failure In the event payments cannot be processed, plan will be cancelled by the API provider.

Trademark The API provider may refer licensee by trade name and trademark logo on this website.