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Terms of use & Data Quality Insurance

By subscribing to a plan, you agree to the following terms of use.
Working Days API Usage With a valid key, the API can be used for any purposes from any IP address/any origin but may not be sublicensed for use by a third party.

Plan Cancellation All plans can be cancelled at any time either from your console at or through your PayPal interface under pre-approved payments. Upon cancellation, the associated key is immediately disabled.
Should you decide to resubscribe using the same PayPal account, a new key will be provided to you.

Plan Upgrade You can modify your plan (either upgrade or downgrade) from your console at any point. When you make this change, the existing plan is terminated and a new plan is activated. Notably, your key will remain the same. The billing for the previous plan is halted immediately, and the billing for the new plan commences.

History Logs API calls you initiate will be logged and retained for a period of three months. You can access and review these logs via your console during this timeframe

Public Holiday Definition The API provider is responsible for the public holiday definitions and establishing preset configurations.

Public Holiday Changes In certain circumstances, a country's government might alter its public holidays, whether by removing, adding, or changing dates. "WorkingDays" will promptly update to reflect these changes, though it may not always notify API clients of such modifications.

China / Hong Kong / Singapore Governments in these countries typically announce the official dates for public holidays for the upcoming year around mid-December of the preceding year. "WorkingDays" will incorporate these dates into the system as swiftly as possible once they're released. However, please note that when querying the API for future years, the provided public holidays are only indicative and might not be accurate. Our coverage for these countries began in 2019.

Data Quality Assurance Should you identify a discrepancy, such as a missing official public holiday or one that should have been officially removed from any of our supported regional configurations, ou will qualify for a full refund for that month's subscription.

Payment Failures Should the payment fail to process, the plan will be cancelled by the API provider.

Trademark The API provider reserves the right to reference the licensee using their trade name and trademark logo on this website.